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The Big Pig Game is a cooperative food eating game for 1-4 piggies! We plan to run a Kickstarter for the game in 2021!


Welcome to the world of Big Pig! Here a bunch of cute and hungry critters live in a house with their family.

The family has left for the day. This is the perfect chance to raid the kitchen! Help Big Pig and friends eat all of the delicious food! If the family comes back before the food is eaten, they’ll surely stop the feast. Got to make it quick!

My wife and I have been working on this game for a long time. I originally made the game for her birthday and we've been collaborating on it ever since. We halted production on it to focus on some smaller card games and are now returning to it to finish!


The prototype of the game is ready on Tabletop Simulator! We are hoping to get a version on Tabletopia also, but it's not ready yet.

Here is a link to the rulebook

Here is a link to the Tabletop Simulator mod


We were working on finishing up the game for PIGSquad's "Finish Your Game" jam! Here is what we accomplished during the jam:

  • Finish up a new logo for the game
  • Create a background for the game box
  • Go over game components, some have some slight changes (game board, turn order card, double check all the cards)
  • Re-work the rulebook. There are old rules that need to get updated. Plus I've gotten better at writing rulebooks since I wrote it last. Update images to be current components, not the ones with old wording. Update layout
  • Re-work game box with new logo, background art, game components. Create new player count, time, and age boxes. Look over wording and update the layout
  • Get the game up with all the finished components up on Tabletop Simulator 


We got around to most of the stuff we were hoping for the jam! Here's what we're still working on:

  • We always love to get playtests and demos of the game in! If you are interested in playing the game, you can contact me via email or discord (Evan@Evansgames.com or EvanEGibbs#7560) and let me know!
  • The very last page of the rulebook needs some image editing (make it so Uncle Judd isn't in a parking lot, haha). After that, put the rulebook in TTS
  • We plan to submit the game to the Ion Award Competition for SaltCON. We have to make a video as a part of the entry process
  • Get the game on Tabletopia! I've never made a game on Tabletopia before so I might make a mod for one of our smaller card games first.


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i want to play it soooo badly!

Yay! Hopefully I'll have a full version on Tabletop Simulator and Tabletopia by the end of the jam if you'd like to play!


Looks great! Now I want a donut...

Hahaha, its hard to play this game on an empty stomach!