***Check out the Windows version below if you want to play in full screen!***

The game is pretty quiet! So make sure to turn up your speakers. :)

Made for the Game Maker's toolkit Jam in 48 hours!

Credit: I did not create any of the sounds for the jam! I either bought them or had made them previously. Everything else was done by me within the jam period. (design/animation/art/programming).

The theme was really interesting! (It was about duel-purpose design and used Downwell as an) What came out in "Warden" is just a lot of different ways that the mouse uses the shield. You can use it to block things of course, but also to float and bounce. You can block things while you're sliding and floating. 

The first inspiration for a mechanic I had in mind didn't actually make it into the game! The idea was when you put your shield away, you would swipe and be able to knock things back. But as I was making it, there wasn't as much I could do with that as the movement mechanics that I ended up putting in, so I went with what felt good! It was a really good inspiration and I'm really happy with the game! (I mean, little bugs and minor design issues aside.) I feel like this is the most work I've done in a jam... Though I didn't have time to put any story in whatsoever. :P

Let me know what you think!


Gamepad - Dpad/joystick to move. A to jump. X to use shield

Keyboard 1 - WASD to move. K to jump. J to use shield

Keyboard  2 - Arrow keys to move. Z to jump, X to use shield

twitter - @EvanEGibbs

email - EvanEGibbs@gmail.com

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity


Warden_Game_Windows.zip 15 MB